World Bible School

World Bible School is one of the most proven, cost-effective means of equipping Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. This web based on-line ministry has taught millions of truth seekers across the world by mobilizing tens of thousands of everyday, volunteer Christians.

The McDermott Road WBS program is something Christians of all ages can do on their own. We use WBS tools to equip our members and involve them in this on-line evangelism ministry.  McDermott Road has our own WBS web address that can be shared with others that directs them to one of our teachers.  A business card for this is located in our foyers.  Anyone is welcome to take these and share with others for any occasion you may encounter on meeting others.  Our WBS teachers also are notified when someone in our own local area responds to a WBS ad on the internet.  Our teachers are also able to choose students from over 100 other countries.  Any one of our teachers can have 10 students or 100 students (or more).  Spanish teachers are especially needed.  

Our WBS teachers provide Bible lessons to students, encourage them, and guide them to grow in faith and knowledge. They share Jesus on an interactive web-based platform using ready-made online lessons and grading. WBS teachers help students connect with local Christians for further study, fellowship and even baptism.