Our Values

McDermott Road’s ministries are organized around five important values. These values outline our approach to accomplishing our purpose of “presenting everyone mature in Christ” as we “connect and equip generations” for life here and beyond.

Transformational Growth

God has a strong desire for us to know Him better, to gain wisdom and to understand His will and His way.  McDermott Road designs opportunities of biblical, Christ-centered teaching to aid everyone in their spiritual growth.  Through Bible classes, small groups and other teaching opportunities we listen, learn and apply Biblical truths which continually transforms us into His image.

Authentic Relationships

Christ wants His body to grow in community with each other.  As a body we support one another, we challenge one another, we equip one another and we love one another within Jesus Christ.  Authentic relationships are built through one’s participation in a wide range of ministries designed to connect people to each other and to Christ.

Faithful Homes

God designed the family as the primary vehicle to nurture spiritual maturity.  Connecting each home, regardless of make-up or stage of life, with the necessary tools to equip and nurture the home is essential to presenting everyone mature in Christ.  Ministries at McDermott Road enrich the home, strengthen marriages and transform the lives of children and students.

Sacred Worship

Worship plays a critical part in each individual’s life, each home and within our entire faith family.  God desires His created beings to give Him glory and honor, and the ministries within this pillar are designed to ensure that our church family benefits from biblical, vibrant and God-honoring worship.  We seek to connect with God through worship in praise and adoration to our Creator and His Son.

Evangelistic Outreach

We must never forget our responsibility to bring the saving message of the Gospel to a lost and dying world.  This responsibility is absolutely core to our existence as a church family.  In recognition of this commission we have committed a large portion of our funds, and the participation of every member of this church family, to reach out to the lost.  Therefore, the ministries in this pillar are designed to connect us to the world and equip us all for making disciples.