Women's Ministry

"Heartfelt Friends"

Join Heartfelt Ministries as we find real, true, authentic friendships. Relationships with women of God who will bless your heart and your life.

Heartfelt Friends, our Titus 2 women’s ministry, is designed to develop closer relationships across generations among the women in the church and to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

♥ Our goal is a closer walk with God.

♥ Our vision is to encourage and build faith in the next generation of Christian women.

♥ Our mission is to pass on the legacy of faith and family to the next generation.

There is no room for lonely in the church! Participating in Heartfelt Friends will develop real, true, authentic friendships; relationships, which will bless hearts and lives.

Older women become mentors and friends. Younger women become closer friends. Heartfelt Friends encourages group members to truly care for one another, to build trusting bonds, to really connect beneath a surface – level relationship as everyone seeks to grow their faith and grow closer to God.

Younger women, can join a friendly group with mentors who will take care of them, feed them, entertain them, teach them, and give them a fun and faith-filled evening once a month. They will receive lots of practical and biblical advice and experience lovely Christian hospitality. Their hostesses for the evening will be older women who won’t let them do a thing – except show up, glow, and grow.

Heartfelt Friends is for women of all ages and stages – from 18 to 108! We are moms and daughters, sisters, friends. We are all friends who become family. In our small home groups, the older women are known as Heart Moms and the younger women are Heart Sisters.

Click on this link to register for the 2023 – 2024 season!