The Prayers God Hears
Wes McAdams   -  

Rome was the latest in a long line of foreign powers to dominate, control, and oppress the Jewish people. Around 39 BC, the Romans crowned “Herod the Great” as king of Judaea and sent him to control and tax the Jewish people. Among Herod’s many building projects was the city of Caesarea; which was intended to highlight his greatness and the greatness of the emperor, Caesar Augustus. Many years later, there was a Roman centurion named Cornelius, stationed in the city of Caesarea. Shockingly, though he was Roman soldier, he worshiped the God of Israel. God heard his prayers and remembered his generosity. And his story set in motion a series of events that would deeply challenge ethnic prejudices and begin to fulfill God’s vision for a multi-ethnic church. (Scripture: Acts 10:1-4)