Life Groups

If a church today were to insist on following a biblical model for church organization, did you know there would be no church buildings? In the beginning of the early church, Christian meetings took place in homes. There are simply some elements of developing relationships that cannot take place in a church building. At McDermott Road we are blessed with 37 small groups that we call Life Groups. We are committed to ensuring every person and family has a place in one of these groups.

The lifestyle of the Dallas Metroplex works against developing deep, lasting relationships and this can carry over into our church life. We are intentional about helping our members connect and develop a network of friends that carries beyond the walls of the church building. Each group has about 8 to 12 homes represented. Most groups connect together due to shared stages of life. These may be growing families or parents raising teens. Some are groups of just adults who are single, empty nest, or more senior adults. Some groups are all mixed up! We can find a welcoming group for anyone at any place in their life.

Our groups meet once a month on a Sunday afternoon or evening with Bible┬ádiscussion guide that is based on the morning sermon. Groups often share dessert or a meal as well. This unique opportunity gives our church family the ability to grow in Christ, encourage one another, and create authentic relationships. Please contact Mark Bryson at mar[email protected] for any assistance in finding a group for you.