Parking Lot Service

Sunday Evenings at 4:00 p.m. (No Parking Lot Service on the 3rd Sunday of the Month)

Join Us for Worship in the Parking Lot

This service takes place in the modular building parking lot, on the south side of the campus. Everyone will need to bring their own lawn chairs, folding chairs, or something to sit on in the parking lot. Your household should set up at least six feet from all other households. We will have a stage and a speaker system so that we can try to make sure everyone can see and hear, regardless of their location in the parking lot. You can park anywhere other than the Modular Building Parking lot, including along the side street leading to Wyatt elementary school next door.  Please arrive early enough to be set up in your seating area when we begin.  Note:  The Parking Lot Service will not take place on Life Group Sundays or on Sundays that other afternoon or evening events are planned for the congregation.


Safety Measures

While we believe the risk of contracting COVID-19 is significantly diminished while outside, we want to be very clear that there is always a risk of contracting COVID-19 anytime you interact with others. We are thankful there has been some decline in new COVID-19 numbers in our area, but many continue to catch the virus experiencing very serious complications.  Our shepherds continue to be very concerned for the health of our members and our community. For that reason, we strongly encourage anyone who is in a high-risk category because of age or underlying health issues to continue participating in our online service.  If you’ve had any symptoms of illness or fatigue in the last 14 days please do not attend this gathering.

Due to our understanding that the risk of spreading the virus is lower while outdoors, the wearing of masks is optional while the service is taking place.  We do ask that everyone practice safe social distancing and refrain from any physical contact with people outside of their household.  You can bring your own communion supplies, but we will also have prepackaged communion sets available.


Restrooms and Building Access

The modular building will remain unlocked during the service for restroom availability. However, because we are trying to mitigate the risk of infection as much as possible, we ask that restrooms only be used if necessary. Access to all other areas of the main building and the modular building will be restricted.  Water bottles will be available on tables in our seating area.



In the case of inclement weather, we will not hold the parking lot service. We will send a text message to members to inform everyone of cancelations.


Questions?  Please call (972) 712-2727 or email [email protected]