Current Series

Come and See: Let Jesus Show You Who He Really Is

The purpose of this first series is to introduce our new annual theme, “Moment of
Truth: Now is the Time for Faith” and begin exploring the gospel of John, in which we will spend the year. John invites readers to come and see who Jesus is, believe in him, and have life in his name. As Jesus’ followers, our job is to invite our friends and family to “come and see” who Jesus is and what he is doing. In this series, we hope to clarify what it means for Jesus to be the word, the lamb, and the son of God; as well as inspire the congregation to make bold life decisions based on Jesus’ identity.

All Things in Common: Committed to One Another

Discipleship is not an individual journey, but a collective journey. Following Jesus means being committed to His people, through thick and thin. The church is not a social club, it’s a community of people who would give their lives for one another.


Our baptism is our identity-defining moment. It was the moment when we agreed to be disciples of matter the cost.

Being Human

There is a lot of confusion about what the Bible actually teaches on the human existence. Are we a body with a soul? Are we a soul with a body? Is there a difference between the spirit and the soul? What part of us lives on after death? What part of us is most important? We will not only examine these questions, but also the practical implications this subject has on our daily walk with the Lord.

Before and After - Service

The Bible doesn’t describe what love feels like, but what it looks like. And it looks like SERVING others.

Before and After - Bible Study

It’s not enough to own the Bible, or even read the Bible, we need to know how to study it and apply it and live out its message in our lives.

Love Is

Did you know that love reigns supreme over every other virtue?


It’s no surprise that so much of Jesus’ teaching is about what God’s kingdom is like.


Families need to be reminded that our homes should be places where our Lord and Master is honored "everyday."


Some religions are based on a private vision, dream, or message a person claims to have received from God. However, our religion - our entire life - is based on a moment in history.


We must remain peculiar and distinct, while at the same time, loving and making an impact on the unbelieving world.